Nor West Racing was formed by a few keen racing enthusiasts within the organisation at Nor West Contracting Ltd. This year Nor West Racing (NWR) is running two 4.0L straight six Stockcars which will be driven by Julian Lynch and Brad Rosewarne in the NZ Stockcar Category and Hamish Tarr will be riding in the 600cc Supersport & F2 Category.


The purpose of Nor West Racing is to produce a competitive race team that excels at both regional and national level giving maximum exposure to Nor West Contracting and affiliated sponsors.


All three members of Nor West Racing will be competing across New Zealand in both North & South Island events throughout the 2018/2019 season. Team Members: – Hamish Tarr (600cc Supersport Category) – Julian Lynch (Stockcar Category) – Brad Rosewarne (Stockcar Category)


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