At Nor West we work hard to ensure we produce quality projects on time and budget, so it is important to us that our team have the opportunity to enjoy social activities together outside their work environment. The social club endeavours to provide a range of activities throughout the year for individuals, couples and families to enjoy. Some of these include our Annual Fishing Trip to Kaikoura, Go Kart Racing, Paintball, Mystery Bus Trip, Family Picnic Day, Clay Bird Shooting, Mid-Winter Dinner and of course we can’t forget about our hotly contested Annual Car Rally which consists of teams having to follow clues and complete acitives within an allowed time to win the coveted cup.

Now ISO accredited for quality and environmental

Very pleased to announce Nor West Contracting Limited has achieved ISO accreditation for Quality and Environmental Management. With our freshly minted certificates to become part of our growing list of company attributes, this is a part of the process to remain the preferred supplier to our industry partners and strengthen our position in the marketplace.

Congratulations to the Company Directors, Senior Leadership Team, Project and Site Managers who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the company projects and a long term vision for growth.