Health and Safety

Through leadership and individual commitment, Nor West Contracting Ltd is committed to ensuring that no person will suffer a preventable injury and/or illness. The protection of their people is paramount. At times, they require personnel to operate in environments of high risk due to the nature of the company’s operations. However, at all times they will manage the risk to ensure that when risks are undertaken they are understood, accounted for, and integrated into their plans and the way they operate.

The Health and Safety Manual defines the Health & Safety system at Nor West Contracting Ltd. It outlines the core elements required by the health & safety system and their interaction, in compliance with AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems – requirements and specifications with guidance for use.



All sub contractors are bound by a site-specific sub contract agreement which includes all the requirements they require as a company for them to work for Nor West. This is regularly monitored and has to be produced and reviewed prior to works commencing. No sub contractor without the health and safety requirements will be allowed to work for or under Nor West Contracting until such time as Nor West pre qualification as been approved.

Nor West Contracting sub contractors are also included in our overall company monitoring and improvement scheme and will be regularly audited in line with their own work force.


Testing & Quality Assurance

Throughout the duration of any contract the testing requirements will be strictly monitored and implemented with a series of hold points enforced to ensure each subsequent process is not completed until all requirements have been completed. An Inspection Test Plan as per TQS2:2005 will be produced to formalise the required hold points.

They will engage local independent testing authorities to complete the majority of their testing obligations and reporting accordingly. This along with their quality assurance processes will ensure works are completed to specification with no delays or unforeseen circumstances where process steps are missed or forgotten, which can cost time frames considerably.