Nor West is committed to providing products and services that ensure the highest level of quality workmanship and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. We aim to be the best in our field and continually strive to improve.

The Nor West team delivers quality by:

  • Comply with statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice relevant to quality management
  • Provide sufficient and suitable resource to implement and maintain an Integrated Management System compliant to ISO 9001:2015
  • Establish goals and targets at all levels and provide leadership that ensures quality objectives are met
  • Review and reset objectives and targets to drive continuous improvement that are consistent to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Educate and train our people to continually improve their skills, enhancing their awareness and knowledge of quality issues and practices
  • Ensure our customers’ needs and expectations are clearly understood
  • Meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Ensuring we use and provide materials of high and consistent standard
  • Giving our team the time, resource and support to improve their skills and capabilities
  • Engage with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that their products and services meet quality requirements
  • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all non-conformances and take action to prevent recurrence
  • Regularly monitor quality performance and ensure the ongoing effectiveness suitability of the Quality Management System
  • Adopt a “Do it once, do it right” philosophy and recognise that quality is everyone’s responsibility